Malvern Festival of Innovation

Ideas  ·  Insights  ·  Inspiration



Today we need to innovate more than ever: the way we do business, the way we use resources; the way we live. We need new ideas to stay competitive, new technologies to improve lives, and new insights to lead the way. Join us to discover what's coming next, to learn how others are innovating, and to showcase your own research and development.



Thank you to everyone who joined us at this year's record breaking event.  It was wonderful to have visitors come from around the UK. We'll be announcing the dates of next year's special 5th edition of the Festival soon...



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Visit the exhibition and talk to organizations ready to support your new idea.  Share your thoughts, voice your ideas, air your concerns, and start collaborating with others...



Network with the speakers, exhibitors, and other visitors. Ask questions, debate pros and cons, discuss different technologies, and start joining the dots...



Listen to entrepreneurs and technology experts explaining what's on the horizon. Learn how businesses are approaching the future and uncover new opportunities...

Be inspired



Touch new products, try new services, glimpse the future. Let your mind wander over dinner, allow sparks to fly, shift the paradigm, and have your own eureka moment...